Karlie- homed

Sex: Female

Breed: Australian Cobberdog
Age: 64 Week(s)
Date of Birth: December 30, 2021
Date Available: March 3, 2022
Registration: Master Dog Breeders and Associates

Hi guys, my name is Karlie. I moved from Indiana to Sarasota to live with my friend Labe’s Show Stopper, Willie, and his dad Laban for a little bit. They have been taking great care of me. Willie and I are buddies. We love playing together, and sometimes dad tells us to settle down when we start getting out of control. Willie has taught me so much over the last couple weeks. I think everyone should have a chance to hang out with Willie! Dad is pretty cool too. He has been taking me to puppy classes where I am learning how to play with other puppies and how to obey dad when he give me commands to do. Willie and dad have been taking me to St Armands Circle for socialization. Willie taught me how to approach new people.
Anyway, I am pretty much all black and have a soft curly coat. I don’t know if I will keep my black coat or if it will fade to silver. Either way I will always be very cute!

Karlie is almost all black curly female. White hair below her mouth indicate a coat color change! Current weight is 16 pounds. Expected adult size 20-30 pounds. Karlie has a curly fleece coat, Moderate energy, and stunning eyes.

Magic gave birth to a wonderful litter of 7 babies. We are super proud of our girl! She is a love bug, and loves to snuggle. Magic is just over 20 pounds. She is clothed in a spiral fleece coat. Magic is very athletic. If you are looking for a running companion, these pups would be an excellent choice!!

Gryffin is a great pup!! He is living with a foster family and is around young kids every day! He has a great personality and is a kind gentle stud muffin. He has great connectivity and knows just how to respond when his human family is dealing with anxiety!! Gryffin is a small boy weighing around 20 pounds. He is very fashionable in his fleece coat, but he is even more stunning when he is showing off this outfit! Even though his coat is curly, do not let it fool you, it extremely soft!

The combination of these two sweethearts will produce some outstanding puppies with exceptional curly coats, colors, personalities, eye contact, and more!*

For more information please contact us at labescobberdogs@gmail.com or at 574-806-5839. Magic’s puppies are priced at $3,500.

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