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Amy Holmes Riley

"We love our dog Bandit. Very well mannered. Such a loving addition to our family. He loves both our boys so much. He is ...so calm and plays with our one year old and 3 year old so well. Laban has trained our dog very well in preparation for us to have Bandit. Great people!"

Amy Holmes Riley
Dan & Marla

"Laban- we had a great and beautiful fall weekend and I have to tell you how wonderful this dog is! Danny and I look at each other literally every day wondering how we got such a good and loving dog! Yes I believe a good part of it is his make up as an Australian Labradoodle but I also strongly suspect that you and your family must have treated him with great love and care- he is so friendly with everyone adults and children and is so playful with all the other dogs in the park.
We feel very lucky- and I just want to thank you"

Dan & Marla
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