Honey and Willie Winter 2022

We are so excited about Honey and Willie's litter. Their puppies will have such lush, easy care, soft, fleece coats. They will very connective and human oriented. The babies will love human contact, and will have impeccable personalities! They sky will be the limit with these intuitive, easy train guys! The combination of Honey and Willie's personalities will be off the charts!!

“My name is Honey. I met Catie and Jim when I was six months old. I am a true lover and best friend. My eyes are beautiful and I love to make eye contact. I will enjoy meeting you in the future when I have my first litter. I am extremely devoted, well behaved, and have a good appetite. I love my daddy and my mommy and lots of toys and treats. My parents tell me that my coat is extremely soft and easy to care for.” Honey weighs about 30 pounds.

Willie is such a lover boy. He is kind, gentle, has amazing connections, is always by my side, and is so adorable!! He is starting his puppy training this week. Everyone loves this guys. I can not wait to see where life leads him. We are planning to do a lot of training with him and see just how much we can teach him!! I think it would be cool to teach him some working tasks. We will see! Willie has matured at 25 pounds. He has a lush, wavy, flease, easy care coat.

It will likely be about the fall of 2022 until Willie and Honey honeymoon. The waitlist is open for this litter!!! For more information reach out to me at labescobberdogs@gmail.com or at 574-806-5839. These puppies are $3,500.*

Breed: Australian Cobberdog
Registration: Master Dog Breeders and Associates

Sire: Willie

Dam: Honey

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