We are super proud of mama girl, Magic! She is a love bug, and loves to snuggle. Magic is just over 20 pounds. She is clothed in a spiral fleece coat. Magic is very athletic. If you are looking for a running companion, these pups would be an excellent choice!! Magic is 23 pounds and 14″ tall.

Pumpkin is a great addition to our breeding program!! We are proud to introduce him as new blood into our lines. Pumpkin is very connective, and loves people. When outside after running around with the other dogs, he will opt to following us around instead of continuing to run with the others! Pumpkin is confident and is glad to meet new people and dogs. This little guys is a treasure and we very excited to have him in our program. Pumpkin is loving life with his human family and his fur brother! Pumpkin is proud to prance around in his wavy fleece coat. He is 27 pounds and 17″ tall.

Magic and Pumpkin have honeymooned. Magic’s due date is January 21, and their tentative homing date is around March 29th. The waitlist for this litter is now open!!! For more information reach out to me at or at 574-806-5839. These puppies are $3,500.

I want to adopt one of Magic and Pumpkin’s puppies!

Breed: Australian Cobberdog
Age: 78 Week(s)
Date of Birth: January 18, 2023
Date Available: March 29, 2023
Registration: Master Dog Breeders and Associates

Sire: Pumpkin

Dam: Magic

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