Sex: Female

Breed: Australian Cobberdog
Age: 7 Week(s)
Date of Birth: June 1, 2024
Date Available: August 3, 2024
Registration: Master Dog Breeders and Associates

Honey and Sonics have given us a stunning litter of 9 puppies!!! These puppies will mature to 20-35 pounds. They are a perfect sized dog!! There are 4 girls and 5 boys. Everyone is eating and is so content! We are doing daily weight checks and closely monitoring them to make sure they are supper happy and healthy.

Mr Sonics here!!! I am pleased to introduce myself to all of you! Go ahead and look at my picture again!! Do you see my deep red color? I was so pleased that my redness did not fade as I matured. My handsome looks match my great temperament. I am a fun silly boy. I love living in the North East and having lot of adventures in the snow on our farm. I was so pleased to hear that my friend Honey is pregnant. This is the first litter of puppies that I fathered. I can’t wait to see picture of them. I weigh about 30 pounds. I am medium sized. Talk to Laban or Sharon at Labe’s Australian Cobberdogs for more information!

Where do I start? My name is Labe’s Sweeter Than Honey. I think dad prophetically named me that hoping I would live up to the name!! And boy do I ever!!! I am the sweetest little girl. I absolutely love cuddling and receiving belly rubs. 🙂 If given the opportunity, I will also lavish you with kisses! My happy place is having physical contact with my human friends and playing fetch! I sure do love those tennis balls! I am also about 30 pounds, when I’m not pregnant 😉 I am so excited to become a mom again. I enjoyed my babies so much last year! I gave birth to these stunning 9 babies on June 1st. My babies should range in size from 20 pounds – 35 pounds. My babies are $3,500.

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