Izzy – Retired

Izzy is a wonderful example of what an Australian Cobberdog should be. She looks deep into your eyes, is super friendly, and she loves affection. She sports a wonderful, cafe', non-shedding, wool coat! She is miniature/medium in size! Izzy has passsed all of her tests and my strict standards for such a special job of mothering Australian Cobberdog puppies! Hidden Treasure (Zoey) and Chilli have given us a wonderful litter of ten pups!! These pups will be medium in size, about 19 inches tall and will weigh 25-35 pounds. These pups are non-shedding!! They will be registered with the Master Dog Breeders and Associates, neutered/spayed, micro-chipped, up-to-date on shots, flea and tick and heart worm prevention, and have a 30-month health guarantee. A health certificate is available upon request. My Australian Cobberdogs have the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier infusion. This gives better ear heath and softer coats. Australian Cobberdogs are loyal companions, allergy friendly, and non-shedding. People with very bad dog allergies are able to have an Australian Cobberdog in the house with no allergic reaction!! Also, you will not find dog hair on your couch or in your car!!! If you want a puppy but have allergies, or if you are like me and hate seeing dog hair all over, an Australian Cobberdog would be a perfect dog for you! For more information email me at labescobberdogs@gmail.com, or call/text me at 574-806-5839. You will not be disappointed!!

Breed: Australian Cobberdog
Sex: Female

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