Jimbo has moved to his forever home. He has a dad, mom, and 3 loving brothers who adore him! Hey you big fellow, we are just going to hang on to you for stud services. You are one handsome, loving guy! You are so compassionate and loving. You babysit the little pups while they are getting used to a leash by bring them toys to play with and just laying there right beside them. You come up to me and sit gazing into my eyes as if are wondering what you can do for me! We are proud to have you in our breeding program. Prince Jimbo's black fleecy coat has become a soft silver. This friendly, handsome male has the personality and physical characteristics that set him aside as a future breeder. No doubt, he will make his mark in Cobberdog history. He is such a friendly man, and with his wonderful build and coat I cannot wait to see the babies he produces!!

Breed: Australian Cobberdog
Sex: Male

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